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Flexi Dog


Flexi Dog is a liquid supplement designed to support mobility and joint function in all types of dogs, in particular hard-working dogs. Containing a combination of Glucosamine, to stimulate the production of glycosaminoglycans, to support optimum production of collagen and connective tissue within the joint. MSM provides the dog with highly bioavailable sulphur, essential for the correct formation of connective tissue. The addition of Chondroitin to the product further supports joint cartilage, provides cushioning benefits to the joint, and combined with the Glucosamine & MSM, helps to support against the impact of wear & tear and aging.

By adding Copper & Manganese, in a bioavailable form, further support is offered to the joint structures, these minerals provide essential support for maintenance and repair, particularly important to hard working dogs.

A prebiotic has also been included within this product to ensure optimum absorption of these elements. A healthy digestive system is especially important in dogs working very hard, as optimum nutrient absorption is required to ensure good recovery from exercise.

By feeding Flexi Dog, the aging dog & stiff dog can be supported during normal day to day activities, and the hard-working athletic dog is ensured the best support during training and competition, as healthy joint function allows the dog to perform at its best.


Feed Directions

  • To be fed at a level of 1ml per 5kg BWT

  • Where dogs are exercising very hard, feed 2ml per 5kg BWT as required.

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