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About us...

Hey Y'all,


Just want to share with you how the journey for ABPK Malta commenced and eventually developed. 


Back in 2014 we have started breeding American Bullies and must say, that nowadays the passion in breeding became our part-time job. Mainly we specialise in Pocket and Standard.

Our kennel has imported various American Bullies from Italy, Romania and Netherlands. In Netherlands, we are in partnership with our mother kennel ABPK Netherlands. We are proud to say that our dogs and bitches won various classes and shows in Malta, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands.

ABPK Malta is in contact with a considerable amount of breeders globally. We strive to obtain good bloodlines, body structure and head structure, as  per standard set by EBKC and ABKC.

We have also added Bullmastiffs to our kennel which we show at The Malta Kennel Club, FCI shows and at the EBKC shows.

Breedings in our kennel are well planned. We do screen potential new puppy owners to safeguard the dog's wellbeing and to make sure that the new owner will eventually continue to develop a well-mannered and healthy dog. 

We have various stud dogs for mating and yes, we do go the extra mile. We mate our stud dogs, follow the bitches, follow the pregnancy and provide tips on how to handle a pregnant bitch and its puppies. When the bitch is due for whelping, we also join in the visit at the veterinarian to discuss "C" Section and way forward, provide a whelping box and follow the puppies thereon. 

Our kennel is not there just to breed and raise dogs, but it is also considered  an extended family with lots of values and knowledge gained through experience.

Keep in touch.



Warm Regards,

ABPK Malta

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